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Board of Directors

The Insight Center's board members have devoted their professional and personal lives to improving the lives of people in low-income communities. They are leaders in business, government, and education, as well as in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Our organization benefits immeasurably from their broad expertise, active engagement, and ongoing commitment to our work.

Board Officers

Beatriz Olvera Stotzer


Beatriz Olvera Stotzer is the C.E.O. of New Economics for Women (NEW/Capital), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce poverty by creating wealth opportunities for women and children. 

Connie Evans

Vice Chair

Connie Evans is the President and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), the national nonprofit organization and business trade association representing the US microbusiness development industry. AEO has nearly 400 member organizations that provide training, technical assistance and resources to entrepreneurs across the United States.

Jahmil R Lacey


Jahmil Lacey is an Associate Director of Career and Education at YouthUprising, a community-based organization in East Oakland that promotes youth leadership development, systems change, and community economic development as the formula for community transformation. 

Luther K. Snow


Luther K. Snow has over 35 years of experience enabling groups of people to get things done together, for the common good. Luther is known nationally as the creator of Asset Mapping, the in-person method for positive group collaboration that has gone viral and spread to over 2.5 million users across the US, Canada, and overseas.


Board Members

Alice Perez

Alice Perez is the President and CEO of The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, the premier organization promoting the development of Hispanic entrepreneurs and emerging Latino businesses in California.

Antonio Manning

Antonio Manning is Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager for JPMorgan Chase Global Philanthropy. In this position, Antonio manages philanthropic and corporate responsibility for Greater Los Angeles.

David Oser

David Oser is Chief Financial Officer of Craft3, a non-profit financial institution supporting economic, ecological and family resilience in Oregon and Washington. He has over 35 years’ experience in economic development banking and is an expert in financial and risk management.

Denise Maes

Former White House Office of Administration General Counsel Denise Maes returned in November 2011 to Denver, her adopted home, to work for the ACLU of Colorado.

Josephine Pradia Rhymes

Josephine Pradia Rhymes is Executive Director of Tri-County Workforce Alliance (TCWA) since its implementation in 1996. TCWA helps bring economic and community development to a three-county region (Coahoma, Bolivar, Quitman) of the Mississippi Delta.

Maria Blanco

Maria Blanco is the Vice President of the Civic Engagement for the California Community Foundation. She oversees the foundation’s Civic Engagement Department, which promotes collaboration and advocacy across the nonprofit, public, and private sectors to address community problems. 

Susan Smith

Susan Smith is a Project Manager for the City of San Francisco Controller’s Office in its City Performance Unit, providing high level consulting services, technical assistance and analysis to various City departmental leaders and the Mayor’s Office in an effort to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services.

Tse Ming Tam

Tse Ming Tam joined United Way of The Bay Area in September 2006 as the VP of Community Investment. Tse Ming co-lead’s Rise Together Cutting Poverty Initiative. Tse Ming is responsible for the development of SparkPoint Initiative to help Bay Area families build financial stability.