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racialwealthgap RT @firstblacknerd: Are gov't-nonprofit partnerships racialized? @racialwealthgap 10-20-14
racialwealthgap If people of color don’t become the middle class, there’ll be no middle class Angela Glover Blackwell of @policylink 10-20-14
racialwealthgap The intolerable cost of child support: Child support should go to children @nochtli57 #ExpertsofColor 10-20-14
racialwealthgap So You Say You Don't See Race? We Need to Talk @jmijincha @Huffpost #ExpertsofColor #RacialWealthGap 10-20-14
racialwealthgap The Recession Isn't Over for Million-Does Anyone Care? @preeti_vk of @Greenlining #RacialWealthGap #ExpertsofColor 10-20-14

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