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racialwealthgap @SethFW article opens conversation on how we can help fix inequality. via @thisisfusion. 04-16-15
racialwealthgap RT @tanehisicoates: Lot of research shows that, even today, amidst historic violent crime lows, people think crime is going up. 04-15-15
InsightCCED How will the #racialwealthgap affect the U.S. economy? @PolicySolutions Summit will discuss: #CRWG @racialwealthgap 04-15-15
racialwealthgap @racialwealthgap @JH_Carr: How outdated credit scoring shuts communities of color out of the housing market. 04-13-15
racialwealthgap @JH_Carr shows how outdated credit scoring shuts communities of color out of housing market @racialwealthgap 04-13-15

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Our staff shares a steadfast commitment to helping build a more economically just and inclusive society. They come from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds, and are skilled at facilitation and coalition building. Our work teams are intentionally structured to foster interdisciplinary thinking and take advantage of this diversity of thought. Our research and consulting services are both rigorous and practical, and are grounded by our experience of working directly with the communities we serve.

Henry A.J. Ramos, President of Insight Center for Community Economic Development 

Henry A.J. Ramos


Henry A.J. Ramos is CEO of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. The Insight Center helps people and communities achieve and sustain economic security through research, technical assistance, and policy advocacy efforts. The Center’s programs focus on asset building in low income communities, sector workforce development innovations targeted to traditionally hard-to-employ populations, and family economic stabilization. 

Brad Caftel

Vice President and General Counsel

Brad Caftel has been a lawyer on the staff of the Insight Center since 1976. Brad is responsible for ensuring that Insight’s internal operations comply with legal requirements, conform to best practices, and minimize exposure to adverse risk.  He also directs the Insight Center’s community economic development focused legal assistance offerings for legal services programs, law schools, pro bono attorneys, and eligible nonprofit corporations.

Marsha Caldwell

Executive Assistant and Director of Administration

Marsha Caldwell joined the Insight Center in 1984 as an office manager/administrative assistant. Over the years has assumed a variety of responsibilities in response to the needs of the organization. In 1998, she took on the role of Executive Assistant to the President. She now serves as the Insight Center’s Director of Human Resources.

Anne Price

Managing Program Director and Chief Asset Building Officer

Anne has spent 20 years in the public sector working in a wide range of areas including child welfare, hunger, welfare reform, workforce development, community development and higher education.

Bernard Lim

Network Administrator

Bernard supports the Insight Center’s network and all computer systems. He rolls out new technology, and provides end-user support and training. He came to the Insight Center with over 26 years experience in IT consulting, implementing and supporting networks, and handling many varied IT projects.

Gabriela Sandoval

Director of Research and Chief Economic Security Officer

Gabriela Sandoval brings more than 15 years of research experience to her work with the Insight Center where she designs and manages research projects focused on building wealth for economically vulnerable people and communities through the Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative.

Jack Mills

Chief Workforce Strategy Officer and Director of the National Network of Sector Partners

Jack Mills joined the Insight Center in 2005 as the Senior Program Manager for Sector Programs and was promoted to Director of NNSP in 2006. NNSP, a program of the Insight Center, is a national membership organization and learning community for sector program leaders, policy-makers, funders, researchers, and supporters.

Jim Torrens

Associate Director of Workforce Innovation and the National Network of Sector Partners

Jim Torrens brings more than a decade of experience in coalition-building, community-based education and workforce training to his work with the Insight Center, where he focuses primarily on workforce development projects and on advancing the goals of the National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP), a nationwide membership organization dedicated to promoting and increasing support for sector initiatives.


LaVerne Gardner

Office Manager

LaVerne Gardner has been with the Insight Center since 1985. She ensures that the organization runs smoothly and that our staff members have the support they need in order to be effective in their jobs.