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racialwealthgap Fate of the children & grandchildren of heroes we celebrate reveals a disturbing reality many prefer not to mention. 03-02-15
racialwealthgap Where does our money go? Kelvin Boston from @MoneywiseTV helps us figure it out at #sanfranmoneywise 02-28-15
racialwealthgap RT @InsightCCED: Obama moves to protect retiree saving + investments. Let’s see Congress do more! #RacialWealthGap 02-27-15
InsightCCED Obama moves to protect retiree saving + investments. Let’s see Congress do more! #RacialWealthGap 02-27-15
NNSP Very timely: @USDOL webinar on WIOA youth implementation providing suggestions for RFP development - a project we're working on in Oakland. 02-25-15

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Jack Mills

Chief Workforce Strategy Officer and Director of the National Network of Sector Partners

Jack Mills joined the Insight Center in 2005 as the Senior Program Manager for Sector Programs and was promoted to Director of NNSP in 2006. NNSP, a program of the Insight Center, is a national membership organization and learning community for sector program leaders, policy-makers, funders, researchers, and supporters. Jack guides NNSP’s efforts to improve employment for low-income individuals and other workers, and benefit the industries in which they work, through the use of sector initiatives.

He has been the senior adviser on projects that have established a sector initiative in post-Katrina New Orleans, developed regional workforce-funding collaborative, and increased state policy support and financing for sector initiatives in 11 states. Jack is nationally recognized in the field of workforce development, with over 18 years of experience. He has authored or co-authored publications including Building Skills, Increasing Economic Vitality: A Handbook for State Policy Makers; Filling America’s Jobs: How Businesses Can Implement Sector Workforce Development Strategies for Jobs and Economic Growth; Opportunity in Tough Times: Promoting Advancement for Low-Wage Workers; and Sector Initiatives for Colorado’s Long-Term Care Industry.

Prior to joining the Insight Center, Jack held senior positions in consulting, nonprofit organizations, and government, including Jobs for the Future, the City of Cambridge's Office of Workforce Development, and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health’s Metro-Boston office. Jack organized workers to expand access to construction jobs, and organized his community to end a wave of arson for profit and to replace hundreds of burned, abandoned apartments with affordable housing.

Jack received his BA, cum laude, from Harvard College and his MPA from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.