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InsightCCED @CCTimes latest #article "A path forward designed to help equalize the economy" @Rise_BayArea #economicdevelopment 07-01-15
InsightCCED Wow! We're halfway through #2015, meaning our Mid-Year Report is out! Check out what we've been working on thus far: 07-01-15
racialwealthgap RT @Lhunthendrix: Dutch City 2 Experiment With a Universal, Unconditional Income. @JAMyerson @saket_soni @SandyDarity 07-01-15
racialwealthgap Register for Connecting Communities webinar "Racial Wealth Inequality" on July 16: #CRWG #economicdevelopment 07-01-15
racialwealthgap RT @NailaSAwan: "The Housing Recovery Has Skipped Poor and Minority Neighborhoods." #RacialWealthGap 06-30-15

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Insight Networks are collaborations, or networks of people and organizations who come together to develop programs and policies that create economically healthy communities. The Insight Center leads these communities by providing the resources, tools, and support that is needed to change systems, and create lasting economic security for families, seniors, and the communities in which they live.