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racialwealthgap Rebecca Adamson @MAKERSwomen on creating a school for indigenous children #ExpertsofColor #RacialWealthGap 09-29-14
racialwealthgap MT @FoundationforLA: #7 strategy to close the #racialwealthgap: Build shared narratives! . #SRABC2014. Thanks @Opportunity1 09-26-14
racialwealthgap MT @FoundationforLA: #6 strategy to close the #racialwealthgap: Show we're all in it together! #SRABC2014 09-26-14
racialwealthgap MT @FoundationforLA: #5 strategy to close the #racialwealthgap: Tell stories in broader context & that convey policy solutions. #SRABC2014 09-26-14
racialwealthgap RT @FoundationforLA: #4 strategy to close the #racialwealthgap: Tell an affirmative story! #SRABC2014 09-26-14

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  • Children's Learning Institute, housed at the University of Texas Health Science Center uses data, research and science in efforts to support and create quality learning environments for all children.
  • Raise Your Hand Texas is a bipartisan group of business and community leaders advocating for improvements in Texas schools and children's futures.
  • Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition is dedicated to creating a common voice in efforts to support a system of quality ECE and education to prepare children for success in education and life.
  • Texas United Way provides information about its activities, initiatives and resources related to their work in the state.
  • Texas Work and Family Clearinghouse, part of the Texas Workforce Commission, provides information and resources for workers, employers, parents and policy makers on work-family programs.