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racialwealthgap MT @SAVERSnation: @ACLU report: Recession made #RacialWealthGap even wider & how to fix it: 06-29-15
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racialwealthgap Attitudes Toward Racism And Inequality Are Shifting in Unexpected Ways. @annabarryjester 06-29-15
racialwealthgap Oakland city leaders unanimously approve a department of race and equity to address racial disparities in services. 06-29-15
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  • Michigan 4C Association provides technical assistance, training and other services to the early childhood care and education community in efforts to improve children's success and development. The website has an extensive history of the organization as well as information about the regional offices, resources for parents and providers, data research and policy information.
  • Michigan Coalition for Children and Families is a statewide, non-partisan network of more than 70 organizations and individuals with working to improve the quality of life for Michigan children and families. Website contains policy and legislative information regarding efforts in Michigan and at the national level.
  • Michigan's Great Start for Kids provides information on the state Great Start Initiative as well as the Early Childhood Investment Corporation.
  • Project Great Start has information and resources for parents and providers on the Great Start Initiative.
  • Voices for Michigan's Children is a statewide organization that works with policy leaders, businesses and local communities on behalf on Michigan's children and families. The website has policy and legislative information, research, and publications.