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racialwealthgap Fate of the children & grandchildren of heroes we celebrate reveals a disturbing reality many prefer not to mention. 03-02-15
racialwealthgap Where does our money go? Kelvin Boston from @MoneywiseTV helps us figure it out at #sanfranmoneywise 02-28-15
racialwealthgap RT @InsightCCED: Obama moves to protect retiree saving + investments. Let’s see Congress do more! #RacialWealthGap 02-27-15
InsightCCED Obama moves to protect retiree saving + investments. Let’s see Congress do more! #RacialWealthGap 02-27-15
NNSP Very timely: @USDOL webinar on WIOA youth implementation providing suggestions for RFP development - a project we're working on in Oakland. 02-25-15

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  • Connecticut Early Childhood Partners website provides history and background on the state's effort to build a comprehensive ECE system. There are links and information on recent state actions and legislation.
  • Connecticut Voices for Children advocates for public investments and policies that promote the well-being of the state's children and families. The website has publications, advocacy information and link to other resources.
  • Early Childhood DataCONNections project is building the capacity of state government to collect, analyze and report relevant information on the needs of and services for young children, birth to age eight, and their families.
  • The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance is a consortium of organizations and individuals committed improving the outcomes of young children and their families. The alliance oversees the Ready, Set, Grow ... CT Kids! The website also houses information and reports of the ECE Finance Project.
  • The Connecticut Early Childhood Research and Policy Council website has information about the council's work, links to the Ready by 5 & Fine by 9 plan, the Governor's early childhood summit, and efforts to create a quality rating system.
  • In A Talent-Based Strategy to Keep Connecticut Competitive in the 21st Century, pages 2 through 5 (and especially the flow chart on page 3) are good examples of how the state's workforce system can embrace early care and education.
  • ECE Finance Project of Connecticut website provides information on the project's purpose along with meeting notes and other supporting documents.