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The Economic Power of Early Care and Education

Viewing early care and education (ECE) as an economic issue, as well as a social and educational one, sparks systemic change in investment strategies, policies, and programs. This Insight Community is a resource for leaders in ECE, economic development, business, and government to share information, solve problems, and continue to boost the economic power of ECE.  We have included selected state profiles, materials, and key topics that offer innovative strategies, tools, and practices to stimulate thought and replication of successes.  We will continue to add materials as new ideas, successes, and lessons learned emerge.

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The Insight Center for Community Economic Development helped with the development of the new federal bill H.R. 1685, The Child Care Facilities Financing Act of 2009.

On February 4, 2009, the Insight Center hosted a Webinar, "Creating Spaces for Children: The Importance of High Quality ECE Facilities."