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racialwealthgap Where does our money go? Kelvin Boston from @MoneywiseTV helps us figure it out at #sanfranmoneywise 02-28-15
racialwealthgap RT @InsightCCED: Obama moves to protect retiree saving + investments. Let’s see Congress do more! #RacialWealthGap 02-27-15
InsightCCED Obama moves to protect retiree saving + investments. Let’s see Congress do more! #RacialWealthGap 02-27-15
NNSP Very timely: @USDOL webinar on WIOA youth implementation providing suggestions for RFP development - a project we're working on in Oakland. 02-25-15
NNSP Now on @USDOL's webinar on Preparing to Deliver Expanded Services to Out-of-School Youth under WIOA - very, very valuable! 02-25-15

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50- State Business Gap Data by race, ethnicity, and gender

August 28, 2008 webinar, Closing the Business Wealth Gap
featuring, Tim Lohrentz, Insight Center; Aarathi Deshmukh, Asian American Justice Center; Barbara Robles, PdD, Arizona State University; and Thais Rezende, Women's Initiative for Self-Employment

June 5 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights webinar powerpoint, "The Challenge of Ballot Measures to Affirmative Procurement Programs"

May 8 Webinar Presentations - "Effective Mentor-Protégé Initiatives in M/W/DBE Programs"
Tim Lohrentz - Overview of State D/M/WBE Mentor-Protégé Programs
Gloria Camarena, Illinois DOT Mentor-Protégé Program
Monserrate Quiñones & Pat Vacca, Massachusetts Affirmative Market Program Mentor-Protégé

March 4 Webinar Presentations
50 State Program Overview, Tim Lohrentz
Franklin Lee
Sharon Smith & Natalie Burley, Ohio DOD

Fall 2007 Series: "Best Practices, Imperfections, and Challenges in State Inclusive Business Programs"

Other Publications:
The Business of Color: Strengthening the Regional Economy, (2007), PDF 8.2MB Download
Minority Business Development for The Cleveland Foundation, (2005), PDF, 5.2MB Download
Executive Summary: Cleveland Minority Business Development Framework, (2005), PDF, 903KB Download
MBE Development Strategies in Cleveland, (2005) Powerpoint, 1.3MB Download