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Program Work

The goal of our program work is to help families, seniors, and the communities in which they live, become and remain economically secure. We define economic security as not only having enough money to take care of yourself and your family, but also having the ability to save and develop assets. We measure economic security--and ultimately the success of our programs--through the Self-Sufficiency Standard and the Elder Economic Security Standard. The Standards quantify what it costs to pay for the basics--like rent, food, health care, transportation, and taxes--in different communities across America. Through our Building Economic Security for All (BESA) project, we promote the use of these Standards to evaluate and develop more effective public policy for working families and retired elders.

Workforce Development

Workforce developmentThis program facilitates the creation of good jobs for all workers, strong industries that support vital communities, and an inclusive economy that moves low-income individuals to economic self-sufficiency. 

Early Care and Education

Early Care & Education Through this work we play  a leadership role in creating systems that provide every child with access to high-quality, affordable, early care and education. 

Savings & Asset Building

Savings & Asset Building

This program works to increase the economic security of low-income people, close the racial wealth gap, and help make women- and minority-owned businesses more competitive. 

Legal Services

Legal Services Legal services are an essential part of a comprehensive economic development strategy. The Insight Center's ability to integrate legal analysis, strategies, and assistance throughout all areas of our work is one of our unique capacities.