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Legal Services

The Insight Center believes that quality, accessible legal services are an essential component of a comprehensive community economic development (CED) strategy. Legal needs arise in many aspects of CED, and legal support helps to ensure that projects are feasible, community gains can be realized, and organizations are sustainable. The Insight Center's ability to integrate legal analysis, strategies, and assistance throughout all areas of our work is one of our unique capacities.

Insight Center attorneys assist:

  • Community-based organizations to formalize, secure, and maintain tax-exempt status, and to develop projects that function within the applicable legal and regulatory context
  • Community-development corporations to structure entities that can secure financing and to protect them from risk in affordable-housing and other development projects
  • Cooperatives and collaboratives to identify the organizational form that best meets their needs; to articulate and agree upon the members' roles, contributions, and decision-making processes; and to develop enforceable agreements among the members
  • Community members to advocate community-serving redevelopment plans and community benefit agreements

Key Projects and Initiatives 



Customized Services

The Insight Center provides resources to increase the availability of quality legal services to community-based organizations engaged in CED:
  • Sample legal documents and other written materials on legal issues related to CED are available through our website.
  • Training and individual support are available for attorneys engaged in CED projects. These services are provided free of charge to qualified legal-services projects and to attorneys providing pro bono legal services to eligible community-based organizations.
  • Direct legal services are available on a fee-for-service basis to community-based organizations engaged in strategic CED projects.


To contact us about working in your community, email us at