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Building Economic Security for All: Metrics Matter, CFES, Cal-EESI, MS


Metrics Matter: An Innovation Network for Economic Security

  • Measuring Up: Aspirations for Economic Security in the 21st Century
    This report describes how the government and others measure and shape the public conversation about what it takes to be economically secure in the U.S. Metrics covered include: the Federal Poverty Guidelines, the Supplemental Poverty Measure, as well as a range of family budgets, asset scorecards and multi-dimensional indices using an age, race or gender lens.

California Self-Sufficiency Standard Resources & Publications

Self-Sufficiency Standard & Demographic Analysis

FAQs & Factsheets

Self-Sufficiency Standard & Direct Service, Advocacy, Grantmaking, and Evaluation

Self-Sufficiency Standard & Workforce Development and Job Quality

Best Practices for Building Economic Security

California Elder Economic Security Index Resources & Publications

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Mississippi Self-Sufficiency Standard Resouces & Publications

Self-Sufficiency Standard & Demographic Analysis

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Best Practices for Building Economic Security

Additional Resources

  • Demonstrating Impact: Tracking Clients' Progress Toward Economic Security (2013)
    • Webinar PDF
    • 2013 Women's Initiative Fact Sheet PDF
    • Job Creation Overview PDF
    • Local Economic Impact PDF