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NNSP #SectorInitiatives and #CareerPathways - free webinar w/ @CLASP_DC @WorkforceVan & OR's own Shalee Hodgson #wkdev 11-24-14
NNSP Great planning Friday w/Judy Mortrude of @CLASP_DC - don't miss our webinar on #sectorinitiatives & #careerpathways 11-24-14
NNSP Free webinar 12/4 w/ @LawyersComm & @lccrbayarea: “Fair Chance” Practices for Employment of People w/Criminal Records 11-24-14
NNSP Looking forward to planning today w/ @LawyersComm & @lccrbayarea for our webinar on fair-chance employment for people w/criminal records! 11-24-14

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