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racialwealthgap RT @CFFPP: "#ChildSupport System Should Help, Not Punish, Poor Fathers" - @JacBoggess in @NYTimes @RoomForDebate #Wa… 04-28-15
racialwealthgap Extracting wealth & income from communities of color in Ferguson to protect white businesses @racialwealthgap. 04-27-15
InsightCCED @HenryAJRamos + @TheTrimTabber collaborated on a @HuffingtonPost article, Inclusive Competitiveness Movement! 04-27-15
racialwealthgap RT @PolicySolutions: How will our economy fare if there is no change in the condition of the rising majority? http:/… 04-24-15
racialwealthgap #ChildSupport system should help not punish children & fathers @Jacboggess of @CFFPP #ExpertsOfCOlor @nytopinion 04-23-15

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