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racialwealthgap RT @sewellchan Median WEALTH of singles Black wmn $100 Black men $7,900 Latinas $120 Latinos $9,730 White wmn $47.5K 07-30-14
racialwealthgap How Low-Income Parents' Decisions Influence their Children's Future @DavidJPate on @WUWMradio #ExpertsOfColor 07-30-14
racialwealthgap RT @SamirMeghelli: “From a Tangle of Pathology to a Race-Fair America” by @SandyDarity, @AlanAAja1 & @DarrickHamilton in @DissentMag –> htt… 07-30-14
racialwealthgap RT @MayaRockeymoore: It's Time for an Inclusion Revolution via @HuffPostImpact #ExpertsOfColor #RacialWealthGap 07-30-14
racialwealthgap Latino/as are crucial to housing market recovery @PanamenoAracely #RacialWealthGap #ExpertsOfColor 07-16-14

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