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racialwealthgap View Alan’s great presentation, "Strengthening Communications to Close the Racial Wealth Gap" #CRWG 05-20-15
racialwealthgap RT @InsightCCED: Thanks @BadCreditorg for choosing us as one of The 10 Most #Innovative Consumer Advocacy Groups in 2015!… 05-19-15
racialwealthgap @darrickhamilton @SandyDarity: Black alumni-giving can't solve #HBCU financial crisis. @HBCUDigest @HBCUPrideNation 05-19-15
racialwealthgap Analysis on race and wealth inequality: Public Perceptions + Attitudes Relevant to the Racial Wealth Gap #CRWG 05-19-15
racialwealthgap RT @jwjnational: BREAKING: Today, @SenSanders announced legislation to make college tuition free for all, funded via @RobinHoodTax http://t… 05-19-15

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